Garden Larder®  (Vic, Australia)

Growing wholesale vegetable seed and tubers for seed companies. 
Also breeding new cucurbit and potato varieties to make up for some of the varieties that have disappeared over the years.

Apprentice to farm owner opportunity.  Would you like to move to Casterton and become a full partner in the business?

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Wholesale vegetable seeds
Growing rare and heritage seeds from around the world for small Australian seed companies.

Freelance vegetable breeder
Cucurbit breeding program concentrating on melons and zucchini. Potato breeding for home grower market.

Tubers and crowns
Wholesale supplies of rhubarb and asparagus crowns of many varieties, as well as rare tuberous vegetables like oca, arracacha and hopniss, amongst others.

Garden Larder

My name is Rowan and I have a vegetable farm and breeding program in Casterton, Vic (Australia). I sell my seed to seed companies all over Eastern Australia.

I specialise in heritage, rare, unusual and old-fashioned varieties of vegetables and some fruits - the sorts of things you don't find in the supermarket. 

Vivid Choi
Garden Larder is a member of OSSI and has a couple of OSSI pledged varieties in the program

Open Source Seed Initiative

How OSSI Works:

OSSI works with plant breeders who commit to making one or more of their varieties available exclusively under the OSSI Pledge. This “copyleft” commitment ensures that the Pledge is transmitted with any further distribution of the seed or the seed of any new varieties bred from it. In this way, OSSI preserves the unencumbered exchange of plant germplasm for breeding purposes and guarantees the rights of farmers and gardeners to save and replant seed.

OSSI Partner Seed Companies sell OSSI-Pledged varieties, acknowledge the OSSI breeders in their variety descriptions, label OSSI-Pledged varieties with the OSSI logo, and include the Pledge and information about OSSI in their catalogs and on their websites.

You have the freedom to use these OSSI- Pledged seeds in any way you choose. In return, you pledge not to restrict others’ use of these seeds or their derivatives by patents or other means, and to include this Pledge with any transfer of these seeds or their derivatives.

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From my breeding program
Love potatoes?

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Help me fund my potato breeding program

'Caesar' is an upright, bushy plant with strong, upright, large leaves that protect the fruits well from hot, summer sun, though the plants will sometimes lightly vine as the season progresses. Can be started in cooler weather and are low input so can handle stress and lack of care. 

The fruits are blocky and large with slightly raised ribs. Very sweet when eaten raw, mild but nutty when cooked.
Pick at 15cm when the flower is falling off or, as I prefer, at 20 cm when they are meatier and better tasting.
 This is an OSSI pledged variety. Seeds available.

'Rascal' produces delightful, eye catching, bi-coloured fruits which are blocky in shape and nutty tasting. Productive. Bush variety which is open to allow better access to fruit. 
Fast growing. Pick from 10cm, to 20cm (when the colour is stronger). 
Still a couple of years till seed will be available due to stabilising the colour genetics, the plants themselves are very even.

'Easy Grow' garlic is a selected line of 'Monaro Purple'. It has been selected over many years to withstand the wettest of winters and still produce a marketable crop.

Due to my place becoming a swamp for at least two months in late winter/spring every year, I was not able to grow most garlic varieties, and the only variety that did survive was 'Monaro Purple' but it did not grow well and produced only tiny bulbs.
Over the years it has evolved to not only withstand the very wet conditions, but also produce marketable bulbs, though, of course the bulbs are even better under good conditions.

As a side benefit, they also withstand weed pressure much better than other varieties.
Bulbs will be available in 2019 after independent trials this coming season.
Easy Grow is an OSSI pledged variety. Sold out for this year but bulbs will be available next autumn.

Oca (New Zealand Yam)

Here are some of the 14 new varieties released this year.
Oca is a great vegetable for shady areas of the garden, or under shadecloth bed covers like I grow them.

They come in many colours and are sweet and tangy in flavour with a texture a lot like potato.
When well grown, many of these varieties will produce up to one kg per plant, and at 4 plants per square metre, they are good producers.



Easy Grow 


I have been growing vegetables for many years. I have a great deal of experience and heaps of passion and my little seed farm is a roaring success. My interest in unusual and heirloom varieties started as a child and has grown, now becoming a well known small business catering to many other small seed businesses.

After spending some years travelling Australia I finally settled down to farm 15 years ago, deciding on growing for seed after growing fresh vegetables for a couple of years. I enjoy what I am doing and am happy to have visitors if you want to come and see for yourself.