Garden Larder is a small farm in the small town of Casterton, Victoria, Australia. It is run by me, Rowan, and I grow and sell a huge range of rare and unusual fruit and vegetable seed from around the world as well as a number of rare tuberous vegetables.

I have always been fascinated with unusual produce that cannot be found at the supermarket. Vegetables that are colourful, interesting and nutritious. I am worried about the loss of diversity in fresh food.

My Mission

*To bring new knowledge of old and (almost) lost plant foods to consumers. To make cooking and eating fresh food exciting and to show people what they are missing out on when they only shop at a supermarket.

*To encourage self sufficiency, even in small amounts and to help people become aware that there is more to food than they think.

*To help people grow their own food and to help new entrepreneurs develop their own food producing businesses.      

Left - Some of my 40m rows for growing and assessing new oca varieties.