New Releases 2019 / 20
Here are the vegetable varieties from my breeding programs that became available to the public this year or are close.

Vegetable breeding is a long and expensive process. It typically takes 8-9 years to breed a new variety of a vegetable. Because it is a part of my seed growing business I don't charge more for seed or tubers my new varieties but I may have to in the future as the breeding part gets bigger. The extra time, space and money is taking a toll.

For release in 2020

This melon (as yet unnamed) is probably the best melon you will ever taste. It is sweet without being too sweet and has a great depth of flavour without the 'musk' that turns some people off  orange fleshed melons.

It is a medium sized melon, lightly ribbed and with a very light covering of smooth netting. Light green flesh darkening toward the rind.

This melon stores well and the plant is small but vigorous. Fruits weigh to around 1 kg. This melon is better suited to home gardening rather than commercial production due to its lack of a ripening indicator. Each plant should produce around 6 fruits.

Descriptor will be available when the seed is released.

Potato 'Toffee Apple'

This is a diploid potato that grows and tuberises quickly. It can be harvested at 10 weeks from planting. Very eye catching bicolour. Unfortunately the colour shows plasticity from season to season.

It has deep eyes but thin skin so doesn't need peeling, a quick wash or scrub with a vegetable brush is all you need. The plants are not high producing (like most diploids), only producing around 600g of potatoes per harvest but since you can grow them continuously and harvest three times per year the amount is close to commercial varieties.

 This is a indeterminate potato so tubers can be harvested on a regular basis by bandicooting, therefore extending the harvest.

Some tubers should be available winter 2019


Oca (Oxalis tuberosa)

A great potato substitute for growing in shady areas, I grow mine under shadecloth bed covers.
Can be eaten raw after sweetening in storage, also great for roasting and microwaving.

Some of the tubers shown here are small as I had to dig them early because of mouse damage.

This is an under-rated vegetable that should have more commercial exposure. It is easy to grow (under shadecloth, or in climates with cool summers), needs little fertiliser, and my varieties are less prone to bacterial stem rot.

Short day tuberiser - mine are harvested in June.

14 varieties released this year. More new varieties in 2020.

 Melon 'Pomona'

'Pomona' melon is named after the Roman Goddess of fruit trees and gardens. One of the parents is 'Green Bosnian', and it retains some of the features of its parent, like the great flavour and green flesh. Beautiful very light netting and thick flesh.

Pomona is green fleshed and even in maturing but a little easier to tell when it is ripe than its parent, although it still takes a little practice. The fruits weight around 2 to 3 kg.

They take some practice to tell when they are ripe. Suitable for commercial and home growing.

Now stable, seed is available.

Garlic 'Easygrow'

Withstands more waterlogging and weed pressure than other garlic varieties. Hardneck.
Leaves are more upright and darker green than its parent 'Monaro Purple'

Hotter in flavour than its parent, it also matures two weeks earlier. The bulbs are a bit smaller than Monaro Purple but more even in size, especially under trying conditions. OSSI pledged.
Some bulbs available 2019