Here are some common questions that I am often asked:

1, Is your seed organic? 

No, I try to grow with a minimum of chemicals, if any, but I am not organic. When I am at a point of not using any chemicals I will still not get certification because I believe that the thousand dollars a year for that is better spent providing better value for money for my customers. You are welcome to visit and see how my vegetables are grown to set your mind at ease.

All produce is grown with as few chemicals as possible, but because I can't hand weed the whole lot, the walkways are sprayed with herbicide. 

Visitors are welcome to come and inspect the gardens but please give a day or two notice so I can be sure to be home.

2, Where does the fruits and vegetable seed come from?

All of the vegetables I sell are grown by me in Casterton. I source original seed from all over the world then grow it out to test it in my conditions and for stability before offering it to my customers.

3, What are your growing conditions?

 My climate is quite mild for most of the year but with very hot and dry summers. Maximum winter frosts generally don't go under -3C and summer temps can go up to 44C. My soil is very sandy and poor. My main wet period is August and September with only a small amount of rain at other times of the year. 600mm p/a.

4, How do I buy your seed?

If you are a small seed selling business in Australia, just let me know. I do not often have spare seed available.  

5, Can I ask for specific varieties to be grown just for my business?

Yes, I am always happy to grow some seed exclusively for a business. It would be a boring industry if everyone offered the same seed. Just ask. Small enquiries welcome. 

6, What sorts of quality controls do you practice??

Firstly, when I get a new variety or type of vegetable I grow it in small lots to test it for viability, how it grows in my conditions, whether it is stable, pure or prone to disease etc. When I am happy that I know all I need to know about it I then grow out a larger lot to select for the best parent plants to save seed from. Only then I will offer it to my customers.

All parent plants are culled heavily for type and quality. Root vegetables are pulled up in the winter to select only the best roots for replanting to flower and seed in spring. Everything is done by hand.

I encourage disease in my crops so only the most disease and pest resistant plants live to produce seed as I want your customers to be confident that even if they are beginner or neglectful gardeners that they will have a good chance of being successful with their vegetables. That said, I live in an area where there are no local vegetable growers and many of the diseases that other vegetable growers face do not exist here.