Here are some of the crops I will be planting this year, starting with the ones that will be planted shortly, and then the spring/summer crops. If you see something that sparks your interest let me know. The ones marked with a * are new.


 Autumn seeding

Broad bean - 8 new varieties

Root cabbage

Kale - Bear necessities

Dwarf Mini Choi

Hamburg Parsley


Heading mustard - Emperor Tainong  *

New melon breeding program  *

Spring seeding and planting

Oca - many colours


Chinese yam

Chinese Artichoke

Round butternut pumpkin  *

Ulluco  *

Mauka  *

Corn - all the varieties I usually grow

Melons - many varieties including some of my own breeding  *

Pumpkins - more new varieties  *

Dwarf red snake bean

Potato true seedlings  *

New bush bean trials