In the future I would like to minimise the risks associated with fuel and water shortages by leasing around 5 acres out of town with a bore (with solar pump perhaps). I would like anyone who can help with managing, organising the funding or helping with their own funding.

5 Acres (2 h) would allow 100 shares to be sold and supplied which would bring in $48,000 per year to help fund the land and misc (Insurance, infrastructure etc) and part-wages. There may also be enough produce left to sell at local markets.

My vision is a CSA that produces the produce (Veg, fruit, eggs, honey) with minimal fuel imputs - which means a lot of hand work after the initial work is done with a tractor and other machinery. This work maybe could be required of shareholders for a discount, or a couple of paid staff and volunteers.

Thoughts and help would be appreciated.