Here is a glimpse of some of the new additions on my farm. Some are very rare and you may not be able to get them anywhere else, some seed you would normally have to search far and wide for, and some are unusual but not too hard to find elsewhere.

(GL) means a variety bred by me


'Easygrow' Garlic (GL)

This garlic is a daughter of Monaro Purple. It has been selected to grow and produce a marketable crop in very wet conditions.
My place is a swamp for 2-3 months during late winter and spring which makes it difficult to grow good garlic and impossible to weed.

As an added bonus it is very tolerant of weed pressure.

Easygrow is hotter in flavour than Monaro Purple, and matures two weeks earlier. The bulbs are a little smaller but more even in size. Independent trials have been done this year that confirm my observations. 
Some bulbs available.

'Rascal' zucchini (GL)


A bush zucchini with good taste, production, and an eye catching colour. Bred by me - mostly stable but I won't have seed till after next season just to make sure of its stability one more time.



Kale 'Bear Necessities'

B. napus

A wonderful new kale with a light mustard taste when raw (great for enhancing salads) and absolutely wonderful when cooked without the coarseness or bitterness of other kales. 

Italian Cabbage Turnip

B. napus

The most wonderful new vegetable I have seen in years. An old heritage variety from Italy that is unknown elsewhere. The leaves can be cooked like cabbage but the root is amazing,  soft and creamy in texture with a mild taste, even when large and mature. I love it and customers at the farmers market where I tested it could not get enough. I think that will take off when it gets better known. It grows about three times the size of the one in the pic - this one was picked early for tasting.

As delicious as it is ugly, and they are ugly.


Tronchuda kale/Portuguese kale


I have never understood why this vegetable is called kale when it is a true non-heading cabbage and tastes like it. The huge leaves are great for making cabbage rolls, and don't throw away the tender and juicy midrib.


Corn - black Waxy

Zea mays

Waxy corn is pretty much unknown in Australia but it is loved by Asians. It is a chewy corn that is usually BBQd or grilled. 

Corn - Mini blue popcorn

Zea mays

Cute mini cobs are are decorative but can also be popped. The popped kernels are white.


Corn 'Painted Mountain'

Zea Mays

A fabulous flour corn that also makes a great sweet corn when young. Tough and cool tolerant so you can plant it early, it is also very ornamental. 

Extra dwarf choi

B. rapa

Fantastic for stir fries. Very quick growing but it does bolt readily - luckily the flowering stems are also great in stir fries.


Green Mountain onion

This is a dividing onion, the largest divider you will grow. You never have to buy onion seeds again as the onions make 'nests' which you just divide and replant.

White or brown skinned, it makes no difference to the flavour which is fairly strong so best for cooking rather than salads. 

Watermelon 'Japanese Cream Fleshed Suika'

 A mild flavoured, white fleshed watermelon with a sweet but very refreshing taste, not cloying like other very sweet watermelons.

Pumpkin 'Rugosa di Violina' 

C. moschata

Probably the best tasting butternut type you will every try and funny looking to boot with its warty skin. Large fruit and vines.

Melon 'Apple'

This little melon is very different to th ones you would find in your supermarket. It has white flesh with the taste and texture of sweet apple or nashi pear. The skin is very thin and edible but I still prefer to scoop out the flesh to eat. 

Melon 'Zatta'

This old, heritage, true cantaloupe from Italy is warty and ugly but tastes great. The flesh is orange.

Zucchini 'Caesar' (GL)

This is a tasty, blocky zucchini that is great for home gardeners. I prefer my zucchini blocky shaped rather than long and skinny and this one fits the bill.

It is not particularly productive but most home gardeners appreciate that by not putting their energy into high production some zucchinis put it into taste instead.
I should have a little seed available next year.


Mini watermelon 'Peewee'

This tiny watermelon is sweet but the amazing thing that differentiates it from other small watermelons is the seeds which are as small as passionfruit seeds so you don't notice them when you are eating it.

The fruits are generally around 1kg in weight, though the fruit I am holding was 1.5kg because it was the only one on the plant.

Not bred by me but I will be using it in my breeding program. A small amount of seed will be available Autumn 2018.