Here are a few plants and seeds I have for sale at the moment. Please note that I pack items in Post Office sized boxes for protection of the plants and the cost of postage has increased markedly over the last 6 months so although things seem expensive I can't help the price of the postage.

I cannot post to WA or Tasmania, or overseas.

Yacon tuber sets x 5

$ 35 AUD

These are good sized sets that are ready to be planted to sprout in the spring.

Grows well in sun or light shade. Water when needed in summer. They are ready to dig in autumn/winter when they die down after frosts. Store the tubers for a week or two to sweeten before eating.

Yacon tubers are peeled then usually eaten raw in salads. They are sweet and juicy.


Oca tubers x 10

$ 20 AUD

Grow in a shady spot - a fernery or south side of a house is fine. Make sure they don't dry out, but they should also be in a well drained spot.

Dig in autumn/winter when they die down. The tubers should be stored for a week or two to sweeten before using. Can be cooked any way you cook potatoes. No need to peel.


Mixed seed potatos x 1kg

$ 20 AUD

A box of mixed potatoes. Great colours. Comes with a sheet outlining all the varieties. Should be 8-10 varieties in the box. Not certified but grown in clean soil.

Dig when they die down.

Sorry, I can only post these to Victoria and NSW due to quarantine restrictions.


Broad beans for cooking x 1kg

$ 20 AUD

This is 1kg of dried broad beans. Soak and add to casseroles, soups and stews. I cup full should expand to about 2 cups after soaking so you don't have to use many.