Garden Larder Business training program

After a couple of enquiries I have decided to offer a training program to teach people how to develop and run their own market garden. This will be an unofficial program which means that there will be no official recognition and you will have to pay your own course fees, but you will get 3 months of intensive hands-on training and study, something for your resume and a reference. You will also have the knowledge and confidence to start your own market garden (even if you have no money or land yet) or to become a manager on another property.

I will only take up to three students at a time so I can give them all my attention and they will need to work and study hard for the full 3 months of the course. It will be five days a week with mon and tues off.

Cost: $4000 which includes accommodation in a local hotel, one meal a day, stationary and materials, and all training.

Duration: Three months, starting 1st of each season.

What else you will need: Personal accident and injury insurance cover, spare money for food and entertainment, Some old clothing, hat and rubber boots.

Some of the training covers: planning, soils, pests and diseases, marketing, growing of many types of vegetables, health and safety, seed saving, and much much more.

Although you will be working on the farm, you will not be thought of as cheap labour, you are there to learn. Apart from the usual hands-on training you will be given some of your own garden beds to plan, plant and sell produce from as well as some off-farm training and outings.

All work on the market garden is done by hand so the students will end up with a thorough understanding of the basics.