Here at Garden Larder I am moving more towards growing and selling seeds and vegetable tubers for Australian seed companies. On this page I have some bulk seed that I have grown on spec for sale but I am always happy to grow seed varieties specifically for your business in small or larger amounts. If you want to offer something different than other companies but don't know what I can give you some ideas to help you stand out.

All seed is field grown and care is taken to avoid any cross pollination, and all parent plants are chosen with care and culled as needed to keep to a high standard. Harvest and cleaning is done by hand. Plants are grown with drip irrigation to conserve water and many are grown under shadecloth covers because we have very hot and dry summers.

I do not grow hybrids due to the pollination difficulties and time constraints. I am not organic but use the least amount of chemicals that I can get away with. I am happy to have visitors any time to show you how I grow.

Please get in touch if I can help you with your seed needs.