Garden Larder offers rare, unusual and heritage seeds and tuberous vegetables. I do not, and will not in the future, offer GM, hybrids or vegetables that do not come true from seed, mine are all open pollinated and public domain.

The log-in page is available for any small and large Australian seed companies, just message or call for the password and user name.

On the LOG-IN PAGE I will be offering left over seed as well as seed I have grown on spec but I am also open for requests to grow particular varieties just for your business, even small or tiny quantities for growing out or evaluation, let me know if I can help you choose some varieties. If you ask me to grow a certain variety for your business I will endeavour to grow the amount you need and you will be required to purchase all that seed. I will not offer left over seed to anyone else. Please note that I have no control over what other businesses are offering and they may already have that seed in their stores or catalogue.

If you want to have exclusive access to a variety I am growing then the seed with cost 10% extra for each year of exclusivity - Seed that normally costs $80 kg will cost $88kg for one year of exclusivity, $96kg for two years etc.

 In my opinion it is important for different seed businesses to offer different seed varieties. 

My promise to you: 

  • Any seed that is not freshly harvested (say over six months from harvest) will be germination tested before being offered on this site.
  • Seed will not be coated or treated unless you request it to be treated with DM (diatomaceous earth) which may cost extra.
  • Some difficult to clean seed may have small amounts of extra plant material included. There will be extra seed over the weight stated.
  • You are free to use photos from the listings for your website, catalogue or seed packets. I can also send a thumb drive (or email) with more and larger photos of all the seed you have ordered if you desire for an extra cost of $5.
  • Small amounts of seed, under 20kg will be posted or sent by courier. Large and heavy orders will be hand delivered once a year in the second week of July.
  • I cannot send seed to WA or Tas at this time.